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Entisys Solutions and Citrix Systems proudly present:

Enterprise-class, cloud-proven virtualization is now free.

Not a demo. Not a trial. With Citrix XenServer™, you’ll get production-ready server virtualization for free. Citrix has set a new standard that includes enterprise-class features such as live migration and centralized management - free. And there’s no limit to the number of servers you can virtualize or the number of virtual machines you can host on a virtualized server.

By combining the ease of installation of XenServer with a no cost offering, you can virtualize every server in your datacenter, no matter how large or small, and reap the benefits.

Why move to XenServer?
  • Eliminate cost and complexity
  • Get your virtualization platform up and running in 10 minutes
  • Realize a faster ROI
  • Virtualize even your most demanding workloads
  • Improve application management, delivery, and availability.
Key XenServer features:
  • 64-bit high performance hypervisor
  • Support for Windows® and Linux guests
  • Live motion
  • Centralized multi-server management
  • Shared SAN and NAS storage
  • P2V & V2V conversion
  • Virtual infrastructure patch management

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